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Flivvers at the River

Flivvers at the River

Randle, WA

August 3 & 4


Randle, WA

Saturday, August 3th  —  8am to 6pm


Meet at coordinates TBD
in Randle WA at 8:00am.

$20 per vehicle - includes waypoints, camping fees
and swag. 

(HooptieX laps are separate fees.)

Rally Ends at 6:00pm at coordinates


Awards at 7pm

Live Music following


This is a Road Rally/Poker Run that also functions as a trash clean-up throughout the Gifford Pinchot National Forest. For $20 you receive a map with "cache" coordinates where you can find reported sites with garbage in the forest.  The map begins in Randle, WA, and creates a loop taking in the towns of Randle, Packwood, Ashford, Elbe, Mineral, Morton, and Glenoma.  It also takes in many miles of off-road forest travel including the 25 Road toward Mt. St. Helens as well as the 23 Road and 21 Road toward Mt. Adams, and the 52 Road through Skate Creek.

The Run begins at 8:00am at the Check-In coordinates listed above.  You will receive a map, which you can follow in any order.  The goal is to pick up as much garbage as possible along the map route.  Deviations onto other forest roads are acceptable as long as you follow the basic course.

Scattered along the map, will be five businesses marked as "Poker Run Stops" and seven businesses marked as "Scrabble Stops".

-- Each Poker Run Stop will have a business sticker that you must collect to be able to receive a card for your poker hand at the end of the Rally.

1 Sticker = 1 Poker Card

-- Each Scrabble Stop will have a bag of Scrabble Letters that you will draw out of.  Your Scrabble letter and value will be marked on your Rally Card by the business attendant.  At the end of the Rally, you will create a word with the highest point value possible using  the letters that you have acquired.  The winner is determined first by Highest Point Value, Longest Word, Highest PV Letter, and then Admin Choice.

The Run will end at 6:00pm at the Return Coordinates listed above.  Awards will take place at 7:00pm.

Flivvers at the River

Flivvers at the River